Are Aftermarket Exhaust Systems Worth It?

Aftermarket Exhaust Systems
Are Aftermarket Exhaust Systems Worth It?

The exhaust note of the car is basically its mating call. What your car sounds like is a big part of who your car is. It’s like its signature.

Having a cool and recognizable exhaust sound is one of the main reasons that an aftermarket exhaust is one of the first upgrades a lot of people do to their car.

Exhaust systems come in different shapes, sizes, and of course, prices — but they all promise pretty much the same thing — slightly more horsepower and a better and generally louder overall sound.

But will they always give you more power? And if so, how? And why does one pipe sound different than another?

Today, they’re gonna install a $600 MagnaFlow cat-back exhaust system onto a Miata. And along the way, Zach is gonna answer all of those questions and more.

Finally, Zach takes the upgraded car for a spin and offers you his opinion on whether or not it was worth it for the old Money Pit Miata.

Exhaust Diameter Calculator

As mentioned in the video at 8:43, our exhaust diameter calculator can be used to quickly determine the correct exhaust tubing size for your vehicle based on engine size and horsepower.