Forgotten ’39 Ford Deluxe Goes From Junkyard To Driving In 25 Minutes

1939 Ford Deluxe on Trailer

Matt from Iron Trap Garage finished work on one of his junkyard finds in late 2021, a Ford Deluxe Tudor, and intended it to be a super low-budget build. To that end, Old Yankee Speed and Mac’s Auto Parts donated some parts, and a lot of his friends helped get this forgotten-in-a-junkyard car back on the road.

1939 Ford Deluxe Tudor
1939 Ford Deluxe Tudor Junkyard Find

The grille makes it look like a ’40 Standard, but it is actually a 1939 Deluxe. This car was once hot-rodded with a Y block engine. But once pulled, however, it discovered that it was full of water.

Matt got started by pulling the seats and interior as well as removing the front-end sheet metal. Box tube braces were put in place part prior to body removal, then the body was hoisted up, and the chassis was rolled out.

1939 Ford Deluxe Tudor Teardown
1939 Ford Deluxe Tudor Teardown

The chassis and wishbones were disassembled, cleaned with a pressure washer and power brush, and coated with a fresh layer of black. Once painted, the chassis was reassembled, and a new master cylinder and brake lines were plumbed.

Due to the condition of the Y block, Matt sourced a 292ci V8 out of a 1955 Ford Thunderbird from a friend of a friend. The 292 was mounted in the freshened frame along with new fuel lines and a gas tank. With some basic wiring and a battery, Matt fired the car up for the first time and took a short drive out of and then back into the shop.

1939 Ford Deluxe Tudor Chassis
1939 Ford Deluxe Tudor First Start and Drive

With basic exhaust welded up, a new floor pan was laid onto the chassis, the floor cut out from the body, and the body re-mounted to the chassis and everything welded together.

Matt bead rolled a fresh sheet for the rear floor and trunk area. The running boards were remounted, And the front sheet metal and hood were put back into place. After some minor metalwork in the decklid area, the interior floor pan was coated with a fresh pelt of black.

Matt refashioned the dashboard, mounted gauges, and then put the assembly back into the car. He then moved on to some radiator repair. In a quick break from mechanical work and welding, some seriously budget seat covers were applied.

Matt refashioned and repaired the throttle pedal, then moved on to the tailpipes, windshield, and gasket as well as the side glass. He crafted shock mounts and installed shock absorbers.

Finally, after a nice scrub brush bath and buffing of what’s left of the paint, Matt drove the Ford Deluxe Tudor back to Chuck’s Auto Salvage, to revisit its original junkyard resting place.

Watch as this Junkyard Transformation Unfolds