How To Shave/Fill A Gas Cap Filler Neck

How To Shave/Fill a Gas Cap Filler Neck

Joe’s 1955 Ford F-100 truck is a prime example of the various tasks most people tackle during their restoration: shaving fuel filler holes, replacing inner and outer rocker panels, replacing and patching heater box in the firewall, repairing cab corners, custom metal fab, and other various rust repairs.

In this video, Eastwood helps Joe C. with his 1955 Ford F-100 restoration, shaving, and patching the fuel filler hole…

Essential Tools for this Project

From Eastwood ~ Do The Job Right…

  • MIG 175 Welder
  • Elite Shrinker Stretcher
  • Hammer and Dolly
  • Stitch Weld Magnets
  • 1/4″ Die Grinder
  • Dual Action Sander
  • Tin Snips
  • Files