Suzanne Williams’ Chopped 1934 Ford Tudor Sedan

Suzanne Williams' 1934 Chopped Sedan 1
Suzanne Williams' 1934 Chopped Sedan 1

Suzanne Williams fell in love with hot rods at an early age. Out of college, she landed an internship at Chopper Magazine alongside Ed Roth, the creator of Rat Fink.

Her appreciation for the craft grew until she found her true love: a 1934 Ford Tudor sedan that she’s spent nearly half a century building to perfection. She tells us that:

“I’ve had this car since 1973. I’m more the type of person that focuses on something I really want and then I stick to it and keep working on it. I make it exactly how I want it until I’m happy with it.”

Suzanne’ sedan looks as though it could double as a hearse in some long-ago time, when the particular model she’s customized — now with a chop top and a Chevy engine — was put to use for more routine outings, such as hauling a body or driving Miss Daisy.

Williams’ long exposure in the scene has hardened her against feeling any negativity regarding her gender in the male-dominated hobby, and whatever difference does exist between the sexes is as invisible to her as the exhaust pouring from the back end of her hot rod.

via Four Speed Films