1937 Ford 3-Inch Chop Top Time-Lapse by Mike Bello at Bello’s Kustoms

1937 Ford with 3 Inch Chop Top
1937 Ford 3 Inch Chop Top Start to Finish

In this time-lapse video that was shot over the course of 3 weeks, you will see the tools and techniques Mike Bello at Bello’s Kustoms uses to create a nice flowing roof out of a 3-inch chop on a 1937 Ford.

1937 Ford Before 3 Inch Chop Top

This chop top includes the full treatment, including custom window radiuses, garnish moldings, and sail panels.

As with anything, everyone has their own way of doing it, but this is how Mike Bello does it…

Bello’s Kustoms is a traditional kustoms shop located in San Diego, CA, with a focus on pre-war (1954 and earlier) American automotive. Their channel offers episodic builds, test drives, and cruising as well as build breakdowns on cars coming out of the shop.