Best Tape Measure? Milwaukee, DeWalt, Stanley, Craftsman, Klein Tools

Various 25 Foot Tape Measures
Best Tape Measure Brand

Todd at Project Farm tests Tape Measure brands including Milwaukee, DeWalt, Stanley, Craftsman, Klein, Kobalt, Lufkin, Bauer, Komelon, Kutir, and Ming Hao. Each 25′ Tape Measure was tested for:

  • standout (reach),
  • abrasion resistance,
  • impact,
  • retraction speed after exposure to sawdust and sand,
  • magnet strength, and
  • blade lock strength.

Tape Measure Test Results

Standout Length (Reach)

Tape Measure Standout Length Test Result Chart
Tape Measure Standout Length

Abrasion Resistance

Tape Measure Abrasion Resistance Test Result Chart
Tape Measure Abrasion Resistance

Retraction Speed After Exposure to Sawdust and Sand

Tape Measure Retraction Speed Test Results
Tape Measure Retraction Speed Loss

Magnet Strength

Tape Measure Magnet Strength Test Result Chart
Tape Measure Magnet Strength
Tape Measure Lift Required Test Results Chart
Tape Measure Lift Required

Blade Lock Strength

Tape Measure Blade Lock Test Result Chart
Tape Measure Blade Lock
Tape Measure Belt Clip Ease Test Result Chart
Tape Measure Belt Clip Ease

Todd always purchases all of the products he tests, as well as the supplies used for testing each product to ensure unbiased and fair test results. Support the Project Farm channel

Products Tested In This Video

(in no particular order):