Iron Trap Garage’s $2,000 Online Auction Gamble

Iron Trap Garage's $2,000 Online Auction Gamble
Iron Trap Garage's $2,000 Online Auction Gamble

Matt from Iron Trap Garage is no stranger to auctions. During the warmer months, he usually can be found at the majority of local auctions that feature early Ford cars and parts.

He very rarely bids online because there are so many things that can be hidden or missed through photos. Mike convinced Matt to sit down and bid on a few items at an auction in Ohio that was in person and online.

The auction was full of E&J headlights, speed equipment and good parts for building hot rods. Matt tested his luck and scored some wicked deals.

Be sure to stay tuned for when the pallet arrives and we see if Matt won big or wasted a couple thousand dollars!

The Ohio Auction Pallet ~ Did It Survive?

There was a plan to drive out and pick up the winnings, but the purchases were small and would easily fit on the pallet. Matt unwraps the pallet and they take a first look together. The auction wasn’t photographed very well, and some of the lots Matt bought only had a single photo and didn’t show a good representation of the condition…