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Mike Finnegan’s Recipe for 1,000HP with No Turbo, No Blower, No Nitrous

How to install a new MSD slip collar distributor...

1000HP With No Turbo, No Blower and No Nitrous
1000HP With No Turbo, No Blower and No Nitrous

This beast of a big-block Chevy is a two-year project that is finally finished and Dyno-tested, and Mike couldn’t be happier with it.

In fact, after a bit of tuning, it produced over 800 ft-lbs of torque and 1,010 horsepower without a power adder.

This single carb monster would be sick in your next project car, truck or boat.

Want more info? Watch as Finnegan shows you how to install a new MSD slip collar distributor before this 582ci V8 engine is revved to over 7,000 rpm on the Westech Performance Superflow Engine Dyno…

From Finnegan’s Garage

About Mike Finnegan

Mike was born in Southern California, educated in New York, and has spent a lifetime taking things apart and usually putting them back together for more speed and style.

He’s a self-taught welder, engine builder, and fabricator who has written for various magazines, covering everything from mini-trucks to off-road racing and high-performance boats.

Mike’s a champion drag boat racer and self-professed road-trip junkie who owns more tools than cars — and that’s just the way he likes it.