1940 Willys Cabover Custom
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1940 Willys Cabover Custom

This is a very well photo documented build that combines a ’40 Willys Sedan, a ’92 Dodge 1 ton truck, and a whole lot of metal work to create a beautiful custom Willys cabover There are 13 slideshows and a final drive video. Built by Chris Boggess, Hot Rod Technology Instructor at Utah Valley University. [More…]
Project: Bomber '49
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Project: Bomber ’49

The car, a 1949 Ford shoebox was toast. D.J. tells us that he’s “wanted to do something like this for a long time, but wanted to do it differently”. D.J. really likes bomber planes and decided to wrap the rear-end in copper riveted aluminum. He worked on it one day a week for a year. [More…]
Barry Weiss' Cowboy Cadillac
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Barry Weiss’ Cowboy Cadillac

Barry Weiss made his fortune selling wholesale produce and has used those resources to feed his collecting obsessions including his love of rare and unique automobiles, trucks and motorcycles. Barry has been a collector for most of his life, so he knows when he comes across something that’s the cream of the crop. [More…]
The Dreise Steampunk Hot Rod
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The Dreise Steampunk Hot Rod

The Dreise Steampunk Hot Rod was recently finished after a year long build, this is a 1935 Chevy modified to fit onto a custom built frame with hand built sheet metal and parts, all raw then cleared to seal the finish. The truck is powered by a Chevy 350 and is a daily driver. [More…]
Build Your Own Hot Rod
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How To Build A Hot Rod

Learn how to build a hot rod with these resources that help facilitate your build from inspiration and planning to building and customization. These tools help locate donor vehicles, project cars, and can determine what other cars have the parts you need (a big help at the salvage yard). Start you build here! [More…]