If You Own Work Boots, You Need This Hack!

Steve Darnells Work Boot Hack
Steve Darnells Work Boot Hack

WelderUp’s Steve Darnell performs this high-tech modification on every pair of Thorogood boots he owns! Try it out for yourself and let tell us what you think!

Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 8″ Moc Toe Boots are available on Amazon, but are they really any good?

Thorogood Boot Review After 1 Year of Everyday Use

Austin Ross purchased his first pair of Thorogood Boots a little over a year ago…

“I was recommended Thorogood work boots as a good steel toe work boots option. I specifically was looking for a good pair of pipeline welder boots.

I’m a rig welder, and pipeline and steel toe boots are almost always required on the ROW. Finding a good pair of welding boots can be tough because sparks seem to eat up just about anything…”

Austin Ross