Rust Encapsulator Paint Showdown ~ One-Year Challenge

Rust Encapsulator Paints
Rust Encapsulator Paint Showdown ~ ONE YEAR CHALLENGE

POR 15 vs Eastwood Rust Encapsulator vs Chassis Saver vs Rust Cap vs Rust Stop + Eastwood Internal Frame Coating

Rust Encapsulators stop rust in its tracks and are the easiest way to stop and prevent rust and corrosion from spreading.

Which Rust Encapsulator Paint is the best? Do Rust Encapsulator Paints actually work?

GODSPEED Garage puts POR 15, Eastwood’s Rust Encapsulator, Chassis Saver, Rust Cap, and Rust Stop to the test on a 90-year-old rusty piece of metal, sitting outside, in the Oregon weather, for One Full year…