The Genius Design of U-Haul Car Trailers — Idiot Proof

U-Haul Car Trailer

The U-Haul Car Trailer may not be the best car trailer available, but U-Haul has made it incredibly user-friendly. They have implemented features that are foolproof, and I mean that sincerely.

One notable feature is the front wheel straps. They are easy to use, just like regular ratchet straps. You simply fit them over the front wheels and ratchet them down securely. Additionally, take a look at the design of the jack. It’s not your typical trailer jack with a post and foot. Instead, it has a sideways mechanism that allows you to jack it down and have an arm that pushes up on the trailer.

This design is particularly brilliant because even if your trailer comes off the hitch and falls to the ground, you can still jack it up using this jack. It’s a great safety feature for inexperienced trailer users or situations where an additional jack is not available.

Surge Brakes

The trailer is equipped with surge brakes, which can assist in controlling the trailer during braking, especially for inexperienced drivers who may brake abruptly. Surge brakes might not be everyone’s favorite, but they are designed to be foolproof. They provide braking even if the towing vehicle doesn’t have trailer brakes.

Surge brakes work based on the inertia generated when you apply the brakes in the towing vehicle. This inertia activates the brakes on the trailer’s wheels through a linkage mechanism. The harder you brake, the more the brakes on the trailer engage due to the trailer’s weight and inertia. While surge brakes can be a bit bothersome when backing up or going downhill, they are designed to be foolproof and ensure safer braking.

Now, let’s look at the latch on the trailer. It’s incredibly easy to use, simply flip it up and down. In fact, if the latch is up and you drop the trailer onto the ball, it will automatically flop down and secure itself. It may not be as secure as a lockable latch, but it’s idiot proof.

Folding Fenders

Another feature to note is the folding fenders. The fender on the driver’s side has a “no step” label because it folds down, allowing easy access to low cars without hitting the fender when opening the driver’s door. The trailer also has ramps at the back for loading and unloading vehicles. These ramps are captive, meaning they are always aligned and do not require any effort to hook onto an edge. They store conveniently under the trailer.

There are rubber bumps at the back of the trailer, which can provide some protection if you accidentally back into something and are unsure of the trailer’s length. Similarly, the bumps on the sides can prevent damage to the trailer and your bumper in case of jackknifing.

In summary, this may not be the best trailer ever, but it is truly idiot proof, especially when renting to individuals who may have limited experience in towing trailers.

Putting a U-Haul Car Trailer to Good Use