Porsche 911 Big Engine Hot Rods by Danton Arts Kustoms

Porsche 911 V8 Hot Rod
Porsche 911 V8 Hot Rod

Danton Arts Kustoms from France transformed a salvaged Porsche 911/964* into a hellaciously badass hot rod…

Porsche 911 V8 Hot Rod Before
Porsche 911 V8 Hot Rod ~ Before

This is an early 1990s 911, the 964. It has a chop top roof, wide rear-end, and exposed Ford Big Block engine with a shaker scoop and custom individual straight-pipes…

*964 is Porsche’s internal name for the 911 manufactured and sold between 1989 and 1994.

Danton is a skilled metal worker, and that’s recognizable from looking at his custom interior panel work.

As for Danton’s other car, the red one, it’s clearly a 911 Targa, looking slightly more subdued without the big turbo wing…

This second time around, the French builder opted for a British engine, but don’t go thinking that it’s some limp 4-liter Rover V8. No, that’s a 6,750cc out of a Bentley Bentley Mulsanne Turbo.

It’s an old engine, but still interesting to look at and packs over 300 horsepower. Staying true to the hot rod style, the interior doesn’t want the driver to be comfortable.

Porsche 911 Hot Rod by Danton Arts Kustoms