A New Year’s Day Junkyard Tour with Chad at Nobody Else’s Auto

Junkyard in Great Bend, Kasas

Exploring Hidden Treasures

As the sun rose on New Year’s Day, classic car enthusiasts and automotive adventurers gathered at Nobody Else’s Auto YouTube Channel for an extensive junkyard tour hosted by the knowledgeable and passionate Chad Ehrlich. With a vast collection of classics, muscle cars, and trucks spanning 20 acres, this classic car wrecking yard is a haven for automotive enthusiasts seeking unique projects and rare parts.

Chad Ehrlich’s Nobody Else’s Auto LLC boasts an impressive operation with 20 acres of automotive treasures and around 1,500 cars. The facility includes six buildings covering 20,000 square feet, housing a diverse array of vehicles and a substantial inventory of parts. Additionally, several semi-trailers on the property hold even more hidden gems. As if that weren’t enough, Chad’s father maintains six additional buildings nearby, ensuring an extensive selection for every automotive project.

Navigating the Bounty

Chad traipsed through the junkyard, exploring his vast selection of classics, muscle cars, and trucks. Chad’s expertise and insight into the world of automotive restoration make the experience enjoyable and educational. From iconic muscle cars to forgotten gems, the tour provides a recorded Live walk around, giving viewers a firsthand look at the incredible array of vehicles waiting to be rediscovered.

Contacting Nobody Else’s Auto LLC

Prospective buyers are encouraged to contact Chad with specific questions. With such an extensive collection, it’s essential to inquire about specific makes, models, and years. Instead of asking generic questions like, “Do you have any Chevy trucks?” it’s recommended to be specific about the desired year range or model type. This ensures a more efficient and productive conversation, as Chad has 150+ Chevy trucks on site.

For those eager to explore this automotive wonderland, it’s important to note that the yard is not open to the public without an appointment. Call Chad Ehrlich between 8 AM and 8 PM CST at 620-786-4428 (no text messages). Chad is readily available to answer questions about specific parts, project vehicles, or donor vehicles, providing valuable insights into the extensive inventory at Nobody Else’s Auto LLC.

New Year’s Day! Live from the Yard!

A Partial List of Chad’s Collection Project Cars: