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570hp LS3 Swapped ’64 Chevy Suburban Hot Rod

570hp LS3 Swapped '64 Chevy Suburban Hot Rod
570hp LS3 Swapped '64 Chevy Suburban Hot Rod

Per AutotopiaLA, this is one of the most unique vehicles they’ve shot yet.

  • LS3 swap.
  • Interior work.
  • Paint.
  • Lowered with suspension.

Owner Humberto did a great job on this 1964 Chevy Suburban “Carryall” build and we love that he did it all in his garage with some help from friends.

Sit back and enjoy the ride…

The Carryall Suburban dates back to 1934 when Chevrolet began production of its all-steel “carryall-suburban”. The first generation was one of the first all-metal bodied production station wagons.

These capable vehicles were commonly known as the “Suburban Carryall” until GM shortened the name to simply “Suburban”.

The Fifth Generation Carryall Suburban (1960-1966)

The styling of the 1960-61 model year took cues from the late 1950s Chevrolet vehicles and had large oval ports above the grille, but changed in 1962 to hood styling was more conservative and the large ports were eliminated.

The early cab featured a “wrap around” windshield, but in 1964, the front glass area was updated to a flatter windshield, and larger door glass.

Both tailgate and panel door rear openings were available and 1,150 lbs of cargo could be carried in the back.

The Fifth Generation Carryall model series introduced a factory-equipped 4WD K option for the first time. The 2WD C models introduced a torsion bar-based independent front suspension and trailing arm and coil spring rear, but by 1963, they returned to a more conventional coil-spring setup.