How To Replace A Valve Stem Without Breaking The Tire Bead

Leaking Valve Stem Repair Kit

From cars to trucks, ATV’s and motorcycles, all of these vehicles suffer from bothersome leaky or broken valve stems. Especially with vintage cars and trucks, the stem can become dried and brittle and be very prone to leaking. Aluminum car and truck wheels are also notorious for corrosion around the valve stem base allowing air to leak out.

While changing the stem is not a difficult task, breaking and reseating the tire bead can be a challenge for many DIYers. Enter the AME Valve Stem Replacement Tool Kit that allows you to replace the valve stem quickly and easily without removing the tire from the wheel. Save yourself time, money, and the headache of replacing valve stems the hard way.

How To Remove and Replace a Valve Stem Step-by-Step

Time Needed : 1 minutes

How To Replace A Valve Stem Without Breaking The Tire Bead

  1. Insert Stem Removal Tool

    Deflate the tire if not already flat. Insert T-Handle between the rim and valve stem.Insert stem removal tool.

  2. Remove Valve Stem

    Turn T-Handle 1/4 turn to hook the valve stem and pull it out. Remove valve stem.

  3. Prepare New Valve Stem

    Thread a new valve stem on the end of the plunger rod. Apply tire/rubber lubricant to the base of the valve stem. Prepare new valve stem.

  4. Position Insertion Guide Cone.

    Position the insertion guide cone over the valve stem hole. Position insertion guide cone.

  5. Insert New Valve Stem.

    Push plunger rod/valve stem assembly completely through insertion cone. Insert new valve stem.

  6. Seat New Valve Stem.

    Pull back to seat the new valve stem and un-thread the plunger rod. Pull back to seat new valve stem.

AME International’s Quick Change Valve Stem Tool

  • Change a tire valve stem in less than one minute!
  • Ideal for split and leaking rubber valve stems.
  • For use only with .453 valve stems.

This tool kit is great for cars, trucks, trailers, and off-road vehicles and ideal for any leaking rubber valve stem. AME International is a leading manufacturer of tire-changing tools and automotive maintenance equipment.

Editor’s Note: This kit will not work for TPMS equipped vehicles that have the sensor in the valve stem hole. Valve stems are not included with the kit.