How To Fix Streaking Windshield Wiper Blades Like New in 30 Seconds

Windshield Wiper Blades

Renewing your windshield wipers is an easy DIY job and not only restores old wiper blades but also helps new wiper blades last much longer on your car or truck.

Silver Cymbal demonstrates how to make old windshield wiper blades like new again using things you probably already have at home. The process is quick, easy, actually works and anyone can do it…

Editor’s Note:

For best results and full benefit for your efforts, we recommend using a silicone spray instead of WD-40 (although the WD-40 brand does have a silicone version) as silicone is regularly recommended for rejuvenating rubber, and its what we use in our own shop. Silicone will preserve the life of the rubber windshield wiper blades longer.

WD-40 used in this tutorial:

WD-40 Original Forumla, Multi-Use Product, EZ-REACH Flexible Straw, 14.4 OZ

  • Everything you need in a good lubricant: Strong, fast, durable, targeted and safe. WD-40 Multi-Use with EZ-Reach Flexible Straw
  • The flexible straw bends and sprays how you want it to, helping you reach the smallest of spaces
  • For more than 65 years, professionals have trusted this “toolkit in a can” to help them accomplish a variety of jobs
  • With over 2,000 different uses, WD-40 Multi-Use Product is ideal for any shop or garage
  • 4 Simple Steps to lubricating and preventing rust: 1) Shake can well 2) Point nozzle away from you 3) Saturate area, let soak for several minutes 4) For best rust protection, do not wipe off
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WD-40 — Perfect size to keep in the car:

WD-40 Multi-Use Product Handy Can 3 oz (Pack of 2)

  • Silicone-free oil base
  • Penetrates and lubricates
  • Non-conductive
  • Package Dimensions: 5.35 L x 4.96 W x 2.09 H inches
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WD-40 Silicone Spray:

Recommended Silicone Lubricant:

Permatex 80070 Silicone Spray Lubricant, 10.25 oz. net Aerosol Can

  • Will not mar paint, rubber or plastic surfaces
  • Electrically insulates, lubricates and waterproofs all types of mechanical equipment
  • Coats hinges and channels, preventing locks, doors and windows from binding and squeaking
  • High silicone formula does not attract dust or dirt
  • Protects and renews rubber mountings, bushings and weather stripping
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Glass Cleaner used in this tutorial:

Invisible Glass 92164-2PK 22-Ounce Premium Glass Cleaner and Window Spray for Auto and Home Streak-Free Shine on Windows, Windshields, and Mirrors Residue and Ammonia Free Tint Safe, Pack of 2

  • RESIDUE FREE: The Invisible Glass CLEAR DRY formula contains no streaky soaps, scents, or dyes leaving absolutely ZERO residue on your glass. Your glass will be so clean you will think it is invisible
  • AMMONIA-FREE: This unique formula contains no ammonia, so it’s perfect for use on tinted and non-tinted glass
  • CONVENIENT SPRAY BOTTLE: This 22-Ounce trigger spray bottle makes it easy to squeeze out every drop of glass cleaner for a brilliant shine on all glass surfaces in your car, truck, boat and RV. Perfect for use at home and the office tool
  • SURFACES: Easily remove dirt, pet slobber, grease, fingerprints, sap, bugs and more from glass surfaces such as windshields, windows, and mirrors
  • MADE IN USA: Proudly American-made, you can trust the quality and superior formula of this glass cleaner and window spray. It’s the best super window cleaner you can buy
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