Making a Custom Shift Knob for Pole Barn Garage’s Mustang II King Cobra

Custom Shift Knob for a Mustang II King Cobra

In the world of automotive restoration, every detail counts. After the triumphant revival of the 1978 Ford Mustang II King Cobra by Dalton at Pole Barn Garage, the journey takes an artistic turn. This time, it’s not about performance upgrades or mechanical overhauls – it’s about infusing the King Cobra with personalized flair. Join us as we show you the craftsmanship behind creating a custom shift knob that encapsulates the essence of this vintage gem.

Resurrecting the King Cobra

Dalton’s journey with the King Cobra began when he unearthed the forgotten classic in a barn where it had slumbered for 26 years. He brought the car back to life with passion and dedication, ensuring it once again roared down the road with newfound vigor. As a partner of the channel, our attention turned to the finer details to make this King Cobra truly unique.

The Idea Takes Shape

As the King Cobra hits the road, the idea of a custom shift knob takes root. A symbol of the car’s personality and a nod to its Ford Mustang II heritage, the shift knob becomes a canvas for craftsmanship and creativity. The decision is made to use a Ford Mustang II emblem, preserving its legacy forever in a custom epoxy resin shift knob.

Behind-the-Scenes Artistry

The process is not a mere how-to; it’s a captivating behind-the-scenes glimpse into the meticulous artistry that goes into creating each custom shift knob by hand in Missouri, USA. The skilled hands at Roadkill Customs work with precision and passion to ensure that every piece reflects the character and history of the King Cobra.

Preserving Legacy in Resin

The chosen Ford Mustang II emblem becomes a focal point, encapsulated in a crystal-clear epoxy resin that preserves and elevates it into a functional work of art. The custom shift knob becomes more than a gear selector – it becomes a symbol of the car’s journey, from abandonment to resurrection and now to a personalized touch that sets it apart.

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