Watch A ’29 Ford Roadster Turn Into A Raunchy Rat Rod: Full Build

1929 Ford Roadster Raunchy Rat Rod
1929 Ford Roadster Raunchy Rat Rod

Rat Rods are hot! So, Joe and Mike explore the lifestyle and go on a mission to find the perfect Rat Rod body for their “Raunchy Rat” build.

First, they visit the annual Street Rod Nationals in search of a chassis for their ’29 roadster Rat Rod body.

Then, back at the shop, they load it with suspension, brakes, and a steering box. After that, they show you how to channel the body to make it ride right on the frame before building and installing a vintage Ford Flathead motor, supercharger, and transmission as Raunchy Rat gets closer to completion.

Then Joe and Mike finish the brakes and clutch, also creating a floorboard with road signs, installing some off-the-wall seats, and finishing touches.

A rat rod is never finished, so it seems. However, Joe and Mike finally put the finishing touches on their ’29 Ford before Mike takes it to a local car show to blow people’s minds.