Go French! Install Frenched Headlights with DIY Weld-in Bucket Kit

AutoLoc Universal Frenched Headlight Kit
AutoLoc Universal Frenched Headlight Kit

Autoloc’s frenched headlight buckets give your headlights a classic, recessed custom look.

Looking to add something special to your project vehicle? Autoloc’s frenched headlight kit is easy to install and adds a special look. Take it a step further by pairing the kit with the optional chrome trim ring for a truly exquisite look and feel.

This kit includes all the parts needed to install such as the headlight buckets, retaining and trim rings, adjusting assembly, and hardware. These buckets require welding and bodywork to be finished.

Autoloc’s headlight buckets work best with sealed beam lights like a tri-bar or just about any other 7” round headlight. They will work with tri-bar lights by opening up the hole in the backside of the bucket.

Welding in the Headlight Buckets

Installing the Frenched Headlight Kit

AutoLoc Universal Frenched Headlight Kit

Featured on several TV shows, including Monster Garage and Pimp My Ride, AutoLoc kits deliver where all others fail. Insist on the best, and insist on AutoLoc, and you be glad you did.

AutoLoc Universal Frenched Headlight Kit Features

Headlight Size: 7″
Adjustable Design: Yes – 3 Axis
Headlight Rings: Included
Construction: Solid One-Piece
Material: Metal
Finish: Zinc Coated
Trim Ring Finish: Raw
Main Bucket: 2
Headlight Alignment Rings: 4
Springs: 4
Hardware: Included
Sold: Pair

Paintable Plated Trim Ring For Frenched Headlight Kit

Autoloc has the ideal companion for the frenched headlight kit! Frenched headlight trim rings put the finishing touch on your installation by giving your headlight the luxurious look of chrome that’s designed to integrate flawlessly with the Frenched Headlight Kit and all Autoloc headlights.

AutoLoc Universal Frenched Headlight Kit Installation Instructions