How To Cut Curved and Laminated Windshield Glass

How To Cut Laminated Windshield Glass - Top Chop

This is a series of narrated examples that cover how to cut curved, laminated windshield glass for chop top build projects.

How To Cut Curved Auto Windshield Glass

Example: Cut Custom Curved Glass for a Chopped Chevy Bel Air

Example: How To Cut a Windshield for a Custom Chop Top

A Note About Laminated and Tempered Glass

  • There is a significant difference between windshield glass and glass for the side or rear windows.
  • Windshields use “Laminated Safety Glass”. This means there is an inner and outer piece of glass laminated to a .030″ thick plastic liner. This glass stays in place when it breaks. It is designated “AS-1”.
  • Side and rear glass is traditionally made of “tempered glass”. This glass is very hard and doesn’t break easily, but when it does, it shatters into a thousand pieces. It is designated “AS-2”. The NSRA and other street rod organizations recommend that you use only “AS-1” in windshields. Never use “AS-2” for your windshield.