$50 Chevy Nova Becomes 8 Second Destroked LS Drag Car on the Cheap

1974 Chevy Nova 8 Second Destroked LS Drag Car

YouTube Channel Nivlac57 does a build breakdown on their Twin Turbo Destroked LS swapped 1974 Chevrolet Nova that was a $50 Craigslist find!

This is a lightweight Drag Car with a mostly stock bottom-end junkyard LS engine. Hopefully, it will be making 4-second 1/8th mile passes soon.

Under the fiberglass hood you’ll find an aluminum 6 liter LS engine block with a 4.8-liter crank and stock 4.8-liter connecting rods, LS2 Molly forged Pistons, square port heads, and 1500cc injectors. The 7875 turbos are from eBay, there is a Victor Jr intake, Holley EFI, and to make it all work an LS4 manifold on the driver side and a Chevy truck manifold on the passenger side.

They show off the trans brake TH400, 4-link conversion, Ford 9-inch conversion, $100 Swap Meet Fiberglass Front End, Engine Setback, and more and clearly explain how it was done on the cheap…