What Is The Best Welding Anti-Spatter Product?

Welding Anti-Spatter Products
What Is The Best Welding Anti-Spatter Product?

Fireball Tool tests 47 welding anti-spatter products and put them up against Internet myths to find the best of all.

A MIG welder was used to test high and low voltages against the anti-spatters and then paint over the finalists for a total of three tests.

Viewer suggestions were also tested, including cooking spray, chalk, car wax, and more!

In the end, ALL of the products were mixed together to, conceivably, create the ultimate one…

In the end, the winners were:

  1. Walter E-weld 4
  2. Black Magic
  3. Whale Spray

All Products Tested: Weld Aid Weld Kleen 350, Simply Green, Akfix E90, Walter E-weld 3, Techniweld 777, Urrea, Startechweld ss-1000, Weldmark 200-24, Best Welds, Cantesco, Weld Aid Weld Kleen HD, Dynaflux 200, Harris 1620, Blackstone, Hobart, Anchor, Weld Aid Nozzle Kleen #2, Holston Gases, Weld Aid Nozzle Kleen HD, Arcair, Protex Plus, Harris 1630, Hot Max, Lusin OW 22, Loctite SF 7909, New Bedford, Metaflux, Mountain, CRC, Dynaflux 390, Blue Demon, Powerweld, Forney, Dynaflux 1620 Pro, Black Magic, Abicor Binzel, Osborn, Whale Spray, Radnor, Walter E-weld 4, Meguiars Quik Wax, Sprayway Glass Cleaner, Carnuba Car Wax, Crisco, Pam – butter flavor, Lingito Loose Chalk, Dawn Dish Soap, WD-40, and finally Flexitol Foot Spray.