Top 10 Beginner MIG Welding Questions ~ What You Need to Know

Top 10 Beginner MIG Welding Questions
Top 10 Beginner MIG Welding Questions

MIG is considered one of the easier methods of welding, so it’s no shock that many people pick one up when they get their first project car! In this video, Joe goes over the top ten questions we get at Eastwood when people are starting out!

What You Need to Know When You Start Welding ~ Top 10 Beginner Questions for MIG Welding

When somebody is looking to do their own auto bodywork, MIG welders are one of the first tools they should look at owning. MIG welding is very easy to learn and a MIG welder is a must-have for auto restoration or any type of metal fab, which is probably why you’re considering purchasing a MIG.

If you’re not sure what exactly you need, we’re going to help you select the right machine for your job. Our MIG welders buying guide primarily looks at the MIG 135, MIG 175 and MIG 250, which are designed specifically for this type of welding. If you’re looking for a multi-process machine that will allow you to not only MIG weld, but also give you the option of stick and TIG welding, those units are also available at Eastwood….

Eastwood MIG 135 Welder

As good as the “name brands”, but at a fraction of the price!

As a home hobbyist or light fabricator, you don’t need to spend more for a “brand name” industrial MIG welder. Our R&D guys developed the Eastwood MIG 135 Welder from scratch to produce excellent bead quality and capabilities that match — and even exceed — the more expensive MIG welders for sale! You’ll get high-quality welds for sheet metal and thin steel at a fraction of the price. This 110V welder comes with a Tweco-style torch, gas regulator and consumables for MIG welding metal up to 3/16-inch thick. It’s also capable of doing flux-core work. Weld at amperages anywhere from 25 to 135 amps using the control panel adjustments for metals of various thicknesses.

The Eastwood MIG 135 is among the most often used tools in the Roadkill Customs shop...
The Eastwood MIG 135 is among the most often used tools in the Roadkill Customs shop…

High-Quality Portable Welder

Anyone who does auto body restoration, works on race cars, or likes creating metal art will love this powerful welder. The Eastwood MIG 135 runs on a standard 120V household or garage current is small enough that you can bring it with you for portable welding power. Eastwood has been the place to find better welding machines and supplies since 1978 and will put this MIG welder up against any comparable model on the market. Visit the Eastwood Garage or tech library 24/7 to learn more about this affordable MIG welder and how to get started. We back each one with a three-year warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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