Best Stripped Thread Repair? Heli Coil vs TIME-SERT, JB Weld, Loctite

Stripped Tread Repair Kits

Project Farm tests seven different damaged thread repair solutions:

  • Heli Coil,
  • E-Z LOK,
  • HHIP,
  • Loctite Stripped Thread Repair Epoxy,
  • JB Weld, and
  • Copper Wire.

Each damaged or stripped thread repair product was compared for maximum tightening strength and compared against a baseline (1/2 inch threaded aluminum). Damaged threads repaired by each product are then tested for tensile strength until the product failed or the bolt broke.

Project Farm purchased all of the products to ensure an unbiased review.

Average Failure Torque for Bolt or Repair

Average Failure PSI for Bolt or Thread Repair

Stripped Thread Repair Products Tested In This Video

(in no particular order)