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Understanding the Benefits of Fuel Injection

Benifits of Fuel Injection

Fuel injection is an electronic system that injects fuel into an engine to burn. Nowadays, fuel injectors have become the primary fuel system in automotive engines. In earlier vehicles, carburetors were used in place of fuel injectors.

In simple words, fuel injectors provide a way for fuel into an engine’s combustion chambers. Basically, fuel injectors are an integral part of a computerized system that sprays fuel into the combustion chambers at regular intervals.

A good fuel injection system can use different types of fuel. Fuels such as gasoline (petrol), Autogas (LPG, also known as propane), ethanol, methanol, methane (natural gas), hydrogen or diesel are compatible with fuel injectors. However, majority of fuel injectors are gasoline or diesel applications.

The latest technology is electronic fuel injection (EFI), has become a part of every automobile these days. In this fuel injection system, each cylinder has a separate fuel injector, therefore it is better known as multi-port fuel injection.

This all-new system allows fuel injectors to spray fuel at the same time, even though the cylinders don’t all fire at the same time.

Using fuel injectors is quite beneficial in terms of getting the better performance and reliability.

Primary benefits of using fuel injection:

  • Worthy output
  • Efficiency of fuel
  • Performance of Emissions
  • Capability of using alternative fuels
  • Reliable
  • Easy drive and Smooth operation
  • Saves maintenance cost

Fuel Injection – Explained