Hannah’s 1959 Chevy Viking Build Roundup… and Changing the Patina?

1959 Chevrolet Viking

Hannah’s 1957 Chevy Viking started life as a two-ton grain truck with cab on chassis construction and a dump bed. The new chassis for the truck is crafted from two donor trucks.

The front half is from a 1998 Dodge one-ton dually and has been fitted with double bellow airbags. The rear frame section was culled from a 2018 Dodge three-quarter-ton frame with a four-link coil spring set up with the springs swapped for triple below airbags.

There are twin Viair pumps concealed below the custom-built bed which only retains the original outer fenders and tailgate. The rear fenders have been widened 14 inches. The bedsides were crafted from 16 gauge steel with a 3-inch bend at the top and finished with exhaust tube to replicate the bedsides of the era.

The engine is a 24 valve Cummins from a wrecked 1998 Dodge and NV4500 transmission. The wheels started out as 22 1/2 inch semi wheels but were milled down to 22 inches so 285/85-22 SUV tires could be used.

The truck has been body dropped 3 inches and a custom interior floor built. The firewall was redone and the rear of the truck was tidied up with a second-generation roll pan. Of course, many odds and ends were used from the donor trucks including the pedal hanger, master cylinder, and other miscellaneous parts. The seats and console were built from scratch.

Hannah’s ’59 Chevrolet Viking Build

Changing Up The ’59 Chevy Viking Patina

Hannah simply was not feeling the finish achieved in the previous video. She thought that it was too green, she the two decide to sand down to the bare metal again, and redo the paint and patina process with a tiffany blue color. And of course, they are doing it under the gun as the pair and the truck are due at Myrtle Beach Truck Week the following week…