1938 International Harvester is a Blown 392 Hemi Powered Dually

1938 International Harvester Hot Rod Truck

Robert’s 1938 International Harvester sports a grille from a ‘46 that’s adorned with a pair of Packard headlights sitting on a custom frame on RideTech air suspension.

The duallys are mounted on a NASCAR rear-end and are ably driven by a blown 392 Hemi that breathes through an 871 blower and exhales through a pair of sizable stacks.

1938 International Harvester Hot Rod
Blown 392 Hemi Powered Dually 1938 International Harvester

According to Robert, the truck pushes about 550-horsepower — not bad for a truck that does not weigh that much — power-to-weight ratio makes this thing a kick in the pants to drive.

This build started out as a rat rod, and it wasn’t built for serious drag racing — it’s all about style and having a good time cruising, and it does not disappoint.

1938 International Harvester Dually Hot Rod
1938 International Harvester Dually with Blown 392 Hemi

The interior ain’t no farm truck. Stitched leather seats, proper headliner and carpet top and bottom the cab out nicely. A billet aluminum steering wheel wrapped in leather and Dos Equis beer tap handle shift knob make navigating this truck down the tarmac comfortable and fun.

Take a closer look and ride along with Robert and Shawn from AutotopiaLA