4,000-Hour GT40 Dream Car Build in 17 Minutes

Ford GT40 Replica Before and After

Benjamin Workshop spent four years creating a replica of the Ford GT40 race car that won at Le Mans, and documented the design, engineering, and construction process in a series of videos.

Benjamin Workshop is a French YouTuber and mechanic who built a replica of the Kunos Ford GT40 in his garage. It took him over 4,000 hours to complete the project, which he revealed in a beautiful mango color that changes from orange to almost yellow depending on the light.

He has now condensed all of this footage into a time-lapse video. The completed car is a beautiful work of art.

4,000 Hours To Build My Dream Car

The car is the builder’s dream and they shared over 4000 hours and 4 years of work on it through 70 videos. This is a 17-minute time-lapse video of the build process of a GT40 project that took place from 2017 to 2021.

The GT40 is Finished and Drives for the First Time

Benjamin Workshop’s GT40 is driven for the first time at the beautiful race track in Frontenaud, France.