1931 Ford Model A Pickup with Supercharged Coyote Swap

1931 Ford Model A Pickup

We went by the H&R booth at SEMA to talk to Mike Burroughs from Stanceworks.com — Mike managed to finish his truck just in time for the show, and got together with us at SEMA to give us a complete rundown of his creation.

We were in awe when we saw the completed hot rod, especially the headers that were so beautifully created to match the overall look of the truck.

Vibrant Performance TV

The headers were made from Vibrant Performance Mandrel bends and collector pieces and perfectly mirror each other, complementing the acoustics produced by the Supercharged Coyote swap.

Mike took a running, driving 1931 Ford Model A pickup, and separated the cab to build a complete custom frame, with suspension, cage, and all necessary components surrounding the cab and frame.

He then plumbed the truck with Vibrant Performance E85-friendly Race Hose and AN Fittings for his Fuel, Coolant, and Coolers. Check it out…

Keep an eye out for Mike’s truck in the Southern California area…