Abandoned 1963 Impala SS Found and Rescued

Abandoned 1963 Impala SS Found and Rescued

A long abandoned 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS 4-speed car has been pulled out of the woods after 40 years — The 1963 Impala was a true SS with bucket seats and a 4-speed transmission.

It took Keith Lively a couple of years of occasional checking in with the property owner to get hold of this group of Chevrolet project vehicles. But he did it, and the Junkyard Life Rescue team hustled into action in the backwoods of Alabama.

The Impala SS was among a small hoard of mostly Chevrolet iron that was left for dead in the 1970s after their engines were pulled to power oval-racing efforts. In all, a 1970 Chevelle, several Vegas, one Chevy II, and a 1967 Bel Air 2-door post were hauled home.

 All it took to rescue the one-time gold Impala was a chainsaw, a monster Jeep and a tractor. Watch…

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