10 Weird, Extreme, and Amazing Home-Built Vehicles

10 Weird, Extreme and Amazing Home-Built Vehicles

In this video, you will see 10 weird, extreme, and amazing home-built vehicles…

  • Hungarocopter HC-02 by Árpád Szabó
  • Major Payne by Straight Up Racing
  • Monster Truck Tank Conversion by KNfilters
  • Bagged 190hp Snowmotrike by Tinman 2 Kustoms
  • Road Hauk Steam Jeep by AMSOIL INC.
  • Sturgis 2017 Hauk Steam-powered Jeep by Nick47
  • Tracked all-terrain vehicle by Yevgeny Kurgansky
  • Scratch built car using a motorcycle engine (ZZR 1100) by cryptkicker055
  • Modified Lamborghini Veneno by modifikasi
  • Black Pearl by MOTORRAD