GM B-Body Chassis Narrowing for Body Swap
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How To Narrow a GM B-Body Chassis

The General Motors 4th Generation B-Body Platform is perfect for a lot of 40s, 50, and 60s cars and trucks, except… its frame rails are too wide for most of these Classic vehicles. The tins [Read More…]
1950 Chevrolet Styleline
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Arizona Window Delete on a 1950 Chevrolet Styleline

Arizona. They don’t need no stinkin’ windows. At 300+ sunny days a year, windows are usually down in older and classic rides without air-conditioning. In the life with its current owner, this 1950 Chevrolet Styleline never saw its windows closed. The solution, an Arizona Window Delete. [Read More…]
Rustarado - 1954 Chevrolet Rat Rod Truck

1954 Chevy Rat Rod ~ Craig Dolan’s Rustarado

Rustarado — a 1954 Chevrolet Pick-up Truck — is a first-rate Rat Rod Truck crafted by one Craig Dolan. This truck is simply stunning and demonstrates some handcrafted features that are very well done such as the leather-work and hand-worked and hammered copper panels.  [Read More…]
1950 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery - GM B-Body Chassis Swap
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1950 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery / B-Body Chassis Swap

This smokin’ 1950 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery will soon find its way on top of a 1993 Caprice Classic, a Craigslist purchase that will provide modern everything for this chassis / body swap build. The goal is to fully swap the b-body chassis, floor, wiring harness, lighting, seats and any other creature comforts for this build that will remain patina. [Read More…]
Welcome - Chevrolet 3100 Fitted with Suicide Doors
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How To Install Suicide Door Hinges

Suicide Door Hinges, arguably made best known among today’s hot rodders and customizers by the Lincoln Continental four-door convertible of the 1960s, are a popular customization. Not only do they add a high level of [Read More…]
1946 Chevrolet

Patrick and Ethel’s 1946 Chevrolet Pickup

One of our roving hot rod hunters caught up with Patrick and Ethel from Illinois and their unique 1946 Chevrolet truck. This beauty was acquired in January 2013 and has been worked over from the ground up. Patrick dropped and chopped the truck and so much more. [Read More…]
Chevrolet Reborn as Rat Rod

820 HP Chevrolet Rat Rod Pickup Truck

Back in the 40s, this once innocent Chevrolet pickup truck left a dealership’s lot and began a lifetime of hard work and faithful service. But after it’s rebirth, it can live life with a bit more horsepower as a Chevrolet Rat Rod Truck. [Read More…]
Custom Center Console - 1955 Chevrolet Truck Interior
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Custom Center Console from Scrap Cab Corners

The ’55 Chevy truck customer wanted a custom center console, a stereo, and navigation, but did not want to cut into the dash. Many prototypes later we looking for a new solution. Discarded pieces of the truck’s cab had the perfect curves and shape we were looking for. [Read More…]
Mr Chevy Gasser and Hauler

‘Mr. Chevy’ – A Period Perfect Chevy Gasser

“Mr. Chevy” is a period-perfect example of a 1955 Chevy Hardtop gasser raced from 1968 through 1976 where it was parked. Larry Frees knew the original owner and rescued Mr. Chevy at an estate sale. Today, he shares the car with enthusiasts wherever he goes… [Read More…]