How To Remove Mill Scale

How To Remove Mill Scale

Everyone should know by now that you need to remove mill scale prior to welding.

Unfortunately, it is one of those awful tasks that nobody wants to do.


Because mill scale is a pain to get off and an even bigger pain to get off without impacting the material beneath it.

Here’s Four Ways to Remove Mill Scale….

How To Remove Mill Scale Without a Grinder

If you’re a home hobbyist and working out of your garage, this one is for you!

Notes and Tips

  • Citric acid works great too and doesn’t stink like vinegar.
  • Don’t leave it in too long. The metal will get pitted, and you will have hydrogen embrittlement.
  • If you do this inside your shop, keep the container sealed (even saran wrap will work). If left uncovered, the fumes will rust EVERYTHING in your shop.