How To Make a Wooden Slapper ~ DIY Metal Shaping Tool

Homemade DIY Wooden Slapper for Metalwork
How To Make a DIY Wooden Slapper for Metalwork

Wray Schelin from ProShaper Workshop demonstrates how to make a wooden slapper for metalwork.

He starts out with a piece of hardwood scavenged from a shipping pallet or skid. He cuts out the wood slapper shape using the template he created (download below) and then grinds the handle into shape and puts in a radius on the edges.

Using salvaged leather from an old weight belt, Wray cuts a piece large enough to cover the full wooden slapper face.

He punches 6 holes into the leather large enough for 1″ no. 12 round head sheet metal screws, transfers and marks the holes on the slapper, and attaches the leather with the screws.

Wray dresses the finished wooden slapper tool with Howard Feed and Wax, then mounts the leather back on the tool, and voila, a wooden slapper!

DIY Wooden Slapper Templates

The top and side view template drawings are provided below for you to print out. The slapper is larger than one sheet of paper, so each is split in half with a guide line to match the templates together.