King Cobra Mustang Overhaul: Revamping Performance with a Total Suspension Refresh

Mustang II King Cobra

In a thrilling sequel to our previous article, where we chronicled the resurrection of a 1978 Ford Mustang II King Cobra from its barn-induced slumber, we are back with exciting news! The team at Pole Barn Garage has taken the restoration journey to the next level by giving the King Cobra a well-deserved overhaul. Buckle up as we delve into the details of the transformation that promises to inject new life and muscle into this once-forgotten gem.

The Road to Redemption

Just two months ago, the King Cobra emerged from its 26-year hibernation, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Dalton and the Pole Barn Garage team. The initial restoration brought the car back to running condition, marking a significant milestone. However, the journey was far from over, and the crew at Pole Barn Garage saw an opportunity to enhance the King Cobra’s performance and aesthetics.

Total Suspension Refresh

The focus of this latest chapter in the King Cobra’s revival story centers around a comprehensive suspension overhaul. Recognizing the importance of a well-tuned suspension system for both handling and overall driving experience, the team at Pole Barn Garage set out to revamp the King Cobra’s underpinnings.

Dalton and his crew meticulously replaced worn-out components, upgrading the suspension to modern standards while retaining the essence of the King Cobra’s vintage charm. Every detail was scrutinized from new shocks and struts to performance-oriented springs to ensure balance between comfort and performance.

Wheels and Tires

No performance overhaul is complete without addressing the contact points with the road. The King Cobra underwent a wheel and tire transformation, shedding its dated rubber for a set that not only complements the new suspension setup but also adds a touch of aggression to the car’s stance.

Pole Barn Garage’s choice of wheels and tires not only enhances the visual appeal of the King Cobra but also contributes to improved traction and handling. The upgraded rolling stock is a testament to the team’s commitment to achieving a harmonious blend of style and performance.

Muscle Injection

While the King Cobra may now boast a refreshed suspension, new wheels, and tires, Pole Barn Garage didn’t stop there. The team also explored opportunities to infuse more muscle into the car’s performance. Whether through tuning the existing engine, exploring exhaust enhancements, or considering other power-boosting modifications, the King Cobra is poised for an exhilarating second act on the open road.

The saga of the 1978 Ford Mustang II King Cobra continues, and this time, it’s all about taking performance to new heights. Pole Barn Garage’s dedication to breathing life into forgotten classics exemplifies the spirit of automotive enthusiasts who see potential where others might overlook it. Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment as the King Cobra spreads its wings and roars back into the spotlight with a newfound vigor and style!

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