How To Swap 1st Gen Dodge Truck Rotors from 5×5.5 to 5×4.5

Dodge Truck Brake Rotors

Travis at Perpetual Projects has been planning a rotor swap as the wheels he wanted for his 1989 Dodge D150 drag truck were not available in 5×5.5 bolt pattern. A nail in a tire sidewall became the excuse he needed to tackle the swap.

He didn’t want to buy a single tire to only take it to the track once, especially because he was already planning this upgrade. He knew that the early 2wd First Gen Dodge trucks use the smaller 5×4.5 bolt pattern, plus, he had already swapped the rear when he swapped to an 8 3/4″ rear-end upgrade.

So, he ordered rotors for a 1984 Dodge D150 for an easy way to make the switch, once again getting the front and rear bolt patterns to match…

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