Get Crazy Engine Torque With The New Holley Sky-Ram Intake Manifold

Holley Sky Ram Intake Manifold

Want bottom-end torque that would put a cargo ship to shame but don’t want to bother with the burden of a supercharger or complicated turbocharger setup? Holley’s new Sky-Ram Intake Manifold is the answer for you!

Full 36-inch long intake runners will shove a supersonic-charged shot of air into your cylinders for ALL of the torque! And if you want a horsepower figure to go with that twist, top the Sky-Ram with TWIN NOS Moonshot systems! (Hood clearance template included.)

The NOS Moonshot: The Most Powerful Nitrous Plate On The Planet

Introducing the 3,500hp, 20-stage “Moonshot” nitrous plate system by NOS! Available for 4150 and 4500-style intake manifolds, the new Moonshot plate (Part # OMG3500HP-NOS) utilizes a 50lb nitrous cylinder and NOS’s largest solenoid yet! Cut that quarter-mile time in half with NOS Moonshot!

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