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ShopFlops ~ Warm Weather Workshop Footwear from Roadkill Customs


ShopFlops are the go-to choice for warm climate workshop footwear. These closed-toe flip-flops feature a stamped steel toe handsomely adhered to a pool-quality sole. This clear protection (and resulting confidence) coupled with the comfort of foam will enable you to perform in the harshest of conditions.

Each hand crafted pair of ShopFlops, exclusively from Roadkill Customs, features:

  • Closed Steel Toe
  • Safe, Pool Deck Quality, Non-Slip Foam Sole
  • Lightweight Rubbery-Plastic Straps
  • Short Break-in Period
  • Non-Toxic for Young Children

With ShopFlops, your most important toes stay protected. Our exclusive “Freedom of Movement” lightweight rubbery-plastic straps ensure ease of movement and provide the ability to quickly kick the flop off in the case of weld slag droppage (strap-on spats sold separately).

The pool deck quality sole protects your feet from harsh chemicals. Your feet stay airy cool. The foam core sole allows you to stand comfortably while shielding your walkers from miscellaneous floor flotsam and debris.

Shop Flops Sales Flyer

ShopFlops from Roadkill Customs
ShopFlops from Roadkill Customs

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