Does Graphite Help Motor Oil Performance?

Vintage Arco Graphite vs Quaker State 10W-40

Graphite Motor Oil
Does Graphite Help Motor Oil Performance?

Is it possible that motor oil can actually be improved by adding graphite to it? Does graphite improve fuel efficiency and performance?

Back in the 1970s, the Arco brand sold motor oil that had graphite in it. Even today, you can buy a graphite additive for motor oil on Amazon. So the question is: does adding graphite to motor oil actually work…

Project Farm tested vintage Arco 10W-40 motor oil with graphite against Quaker State Advanced Durability 10W-40. The products were tested for lubricity, evaporative loss (heat tolerance), cold temperature performance, fuel efficiency…

What happened to Arco’s graphite motor oil?

The downfall of Arco’s graphite motor oil was reports of clogged oil filters, difficulty starting after periods of sitting, as well as challenges when performing an oil change.