DD Speed Shop Conquers The 2022 Hot Rod Power Tour

1500 Miles To Day 1 At Hot Rod Power Tour — Extreme Heat Warning In Effect!

Winnipeg to Kansas then Kansas to Tennessee. Dan and Dani flat towed this 1957 Chevy a LONG ways but they’ve finally arrived! As they kept closing in on the start of Hot Rod Power Tour the temperature kept picking up.

Of course there is a heat wave the week of the tour! Southern hospitality is a real thing! Everyone in the area has been great! After a day to re-charge the duo met up with David Newbern and Mike Cotton then headed into their first day of the tour.

It was a LONG, HOT day but they met so many great people it was all worth it. If you’ve never been to Rod Rod Power Tour, pack up your car and make it there next year! The pair finish off the day with some late night parking lot fixes. Hopefully they’ll be ready for tomorrows drive.

First 500 Miles Of Hot Rod Power Tour Were A Success

First off, Dan wants to tell you how fun power tour is! Driving down the back roads in the southern USA was something he and Dani had never experienced before. The flowing turns, the lush green grass and trees, honestly one of the best drives they’ve ever done in their lives.

Meeting all sorts of cool people at every gas stop, food stop and venue. Special thanks to everyone who came up, shook hands and said a bunch of kind words.