10 Campers and Overland Vehicles with New Tech and Vintage Looks

10 Campers and Overland Vehicles

When it comes to Campers and Overland Vehicles, the exterior designs truly matter. After all, people would really love their houses on wheels to look as good as their stationary dwelling.

In our opinion, retro looks have the highest score in this manner, since who would not love themselves a classic looking RV packed with new tech and features.

In this episode we will be covering the most iconic looking models, that will let you reminiscent about the past and enjoy the holiday of your lifetime.

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Citroën Type H WildCamp

The Type H project was born due to a collaboration between Fabrizio Caselani and David Obendorfer to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the presentation of the Citroen HY van. The newcomer will be based on Citroen Jumper, Peugeot Boxer, or Fiat Ducato.

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Lume Traveler

Lume Traveler is a compact, boxy teardrop trailer that is designed and built in the Netherlands. The trailer has three modifications, allowing customers to build it from scratch.

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Homegrowntrailers Woodland

Woodland from Homegrowntrailers is a lightweight trailer that is built using renewable materials and advances technologies to be self-sufficient and function off the grid.

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Norfolk Retro Campers

If you are on vacation in the UK and desire to spend a couple of days on the road living in an iconic camper, you should request Norfolk Retro Campers’ services. This company rents out eight different vacation vans based on the VW T2 Microbus platform.

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CLC Teardrop Camper

CLC Teardrop is among those few campers that could be built on your own; you can buy all of Chesapeake Light Craft components and get to work.

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Camp Weathered

If camping is an activity that you rarely engage in, maybe owning a camper is not the smartest idea. In this situation, renting is the way to go. Customers in California, for example, can book a vacation in Camp Weathered.

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CTC Terrapin

Terrapin is manufactured by the Casual Turtle Camper company. It has a great retro design reminiscent of the 1950s models.

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Vintage Overland

Vintage Overland is a Colorado company that was born as a passion project of Britton Purser, who designs and hand builds campers working together with his wife and friend.

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MiniMax is a mid-size teardrop trailer manufactured by a US company Little Guy in PA.

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The first A-frame pop-up camper was designed and built all the way back in 1970 by Ralph Tait, and even though his family retired from business after 40 years of operation, their heritage still lives on. Today, the lineup of Aliners consists of 8 models