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10 Vintage Campers That Were Ahead Of Their Time

10 Vintage Campers That Were Ahead Of Their Time

From Minds Eye Design ~ Not every vintage camper was a huge commercial success. Even nowadays, new and unique designs are often loved or scorned by the public. Here is our list of 10 vintage campers that were “ahead of their time”…

Featured Vintage Campers

10. 1913 Earl Travel Trailer

9. 1939 Lindbergh Travel Trailer ~ Designed by an engineer of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel

8. Ford Model ‘A’ House-car Created by Ford

7. 1935 Airstream Torpedo ~ The Airstream Corporation

6. 1964 Ford Thames 400E Campervan ~ Ford UK

5. 1954 Hille Ranger aka The Sport Ranger ~ Produced by Hille Manufacturing

4. 1974 FMC 2900R Motorhome ~ Designed by Food Machinery Company

3. 1962 FaWoBoo Campers

2. The Harmon Shadow ~ Designed by Harmon Industries

1. 1962 Windspiel Camper ~ Designed by U. Maly