1951 Buick Straight 8 Fireball Engine Rebuild Time-lapse

Buick Straight 8 Fireball Engine Rebuild
Buick Straight 8 Fireball Engine Rebuild

From Greasy to Gorgeous, Hagerty’s overhaul of this 1951 Buick Fireball straight-eight is FINALLY complete!

Witness the total transformation of this very tired engine in this fast-paced time-lapse video. You’ll see every step of the process — from initial teardown to first fire-up…

We know this one has been a long time coming, and we appreciate your patience! Thanks for following along with Davin and the Redline Updates as we discovered and solved unexpected problems with valves, pistons, lifters, and more.


Redline Rebuilds

Hagerty spends hundreds of hours tearing apart old engines, machining and obsessively cleaning the parts, and reassembling it all. They exhaustively chronicle every step along the way with thousands of photos, then boil it down to a fast-paced but incredibly detailed time-lapse video and share the satisfaction of the finish and the first fire-up!

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