1971 GMC COE Fire Truck to Ramp Truck Car Hauler Build

Ramp Truck Car Hauler Rendering

YouTube Channel Collaboration Build

Karl from Make It Kustom and Brent from Halfass Kustoms are combining skills and talents on a collaboration car hauler build at the Japhands Kustoms headquarters in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

Brent hails from Manitoba, and will be “in the area” to lend his LS swap and general bag of tricks as the pair of Canadian content creators and hot rod builders whoop a 1971 GMC COE Fire Truck and a Chevy C30 truck chassis into a handsome and capable car hauler.

The C30 chassis donor was once Karl’s Dad’s work truck, and he’s got fond memories of it from many years back, so it makes for a special foundation for this build. The truck’s chassis was shortened in the past to facilitate it duty of the day, a dump truck, we understand. Karl will be lengthening the chassis to meet the needs of this car hauler project.

Brent is a talented builder and successful content creator on YouTube, and Karl has to thank him again for his channel’s first real shout out on YouTube! Karl says that he’s been a fan of Halfass Kustoms for years.

Stripping and Prepping the Chassis and Planting the COE Cab

At the end of this month, Karl and Brent will work together side by side on this project to get as much done as they can with the goal of getting the truck running and driving by the end of his stay.

In this opening episode, Karl introduce the newest build in the shop and what will become the Make It Kustom Hauler — a retired 1971 GMC firetruck cab he’s been holding onto for a number of years. Karl and his friend Elio and begin by stripping and preparing the Chevrolet 1 ton truck chassis and get the cab fitted for an initial look at what this build may become…

Already Chassis Swapping AGAIN!

Karl solves the issues with the chassis by getting a whole other chassis from Dusty Roads Truck Parts…

In the next episode, you will see Brent from Halfass Kustoms will be working on the ramp truck and making videos as well. Together we will start a 4 Day THRASH getting as much done as possible…

Mounting The Cab

Karl starts off designing frame extensions for the front of the chassis, then he and Brent build the mounts for the cab to the chassis…

Engine/Transmission Mount and First Start?

Brent is determined to wire and fire the 5.3L LS / 4L80E combo as soon as Karl finishes fabricating engine and transmission crossmembers…

Steering Fabrication

Karl works on fabricating the steering box mounts and arms that convert the factory power steering box from a cross steer set up to a push/pull set up. Brent is working on the wiring harness, mounting fuse block and computer!

Finale! 4 Link Fabrication and Burnout

Karl fabricates the rear 4 Link set up while Brent works on the cab wiring harness, gutting the cab for the new brakes and harness and helping with the chassis fabrication.

Making A Floor Shifter From Column Shifter, Plus Halfass Kustoms Needs Our HELP!

Karl works on fabricating a cable floor shifter from the column shifter of a Silverado pick up truck.

Fabricating Under Floor Hydro Boost Brake System That Tilts With The Cab

Karl works on fabricating an under floor hydro-boost brake set up that tilts with the cab.