1918 Harley Davidson Cyclecar Build

1918 Harley Davidson 3-Wheel Cyclecar

Kris Blake spent many years collecting 1930s bicycles and pre-1945 motorcycles. Motivated by a 1938 single seater built for TROG he happened upon on Jalopy Journal’s H.A.M.B., he “had to become involved” and is now transitioning to automobiles (sorta, he says).

Kris pondered the build for several years — all the while designing and researching every aspect of building this unique cyclecar.

Kris says about his cyclecar:

“I don’t consider this a rat rod, nor am I trying to fool anyone. I am combining all the attributes of things I love from other cars into this one.”

The 1918 Harley Davidson Cyclecar was fabricated and built by Dan Orabona of Taylar Motorbikes — Kris has worked with Dan for many years, plus he’s well-known for building some of best tribute cycles on the planet.

“We actually started 3 separate times in the past, but plans got watered down. This time she was a GO.”


Build Source: Jalopy Journal’s H.A.M.B.