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Weed Chain-Jack ~ 1917 National Geographic Ad

Weed Chain-Jack
Weed Chain-Jack ~ The Jack That Saves Your Back.

Simply a few easy pulls on its chain lifts or lowers the heaviest car while you stand erect — clear from greasy springs, tire carriers and other projections. Up or down — there’s no labor.

Never gets out of order. Gears and chain wheel protected by a stamped steel housing. Chain heavily plated to prevent rusting. Has a strong cap, providing the kind of support from which an axle will not slip, while a broad base prevents the jack from upsetting on uneven roads. Every Weed Chain-Jack is submitted to a lifting test an will support over twice the weight it is ever required to lift.

The 8 inch and 10 inch sizes are made with an Auxiliary Step as shown in the accompanying illustration. When in operative position it adds two inches to the height of the jack.

10 Days’ Trial. If your dealer does not have them send us $5.00 for any size for pleasure cars or $10.00 for the Truck size and we will send you one, all charges prepaid. For delivery in Canada, send $6.00 for any size for pleasure cars or $12.00 for the Truck size. Try it for 10 days. if not satisfied, return it to us and we will refund your money.

(October, 1917 National Geographic)