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Vintage 1980 Yamaha Enticer Snowmobile Revival to Former Glory

1980 Yamaha Enticer 300 Snowmobile

Dalton from Pole Barn Garage bought this vintage 1980 Yamaha Enticer 300 snowmobile project to go do wintery snow things with Junkyard Digs and crew at the 2023 Chetek Winter Fest in Wisconsin on February 24th and 25th, 2023.

He found the snow machine on Facebook Marketplace for a pretty fair price of $500 considering the unit is complete, runs, and looks like a ton of fun.

Back in the day, the Enticer 300 proved competitive in two stock cross country and snocross “sport” classes – the 300 and the larger 340 class, so this should prove entertaining.

You see, this is Dalton’s very first snowmobile experience; let’s see if he can resurrect this once abandoned beast with some budget upholstery work, cleaning, polish, and a couple spark plugs so it runs around the yard and looks good doing it.

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