Less Weight, Better Suspension and Tires vs More Power. What’s Faster?

Hot Rod

Donut Media’s Bumper 2 Bumper series aims to cover everything inside & out of your vehicle. In this trio of episodes, weight, suspension, and tires are compared to adding more power to the engine to determine which will actually make you go faster.

Is Less Weight Better than More Power?

Is it better to rip out your rear seats and throw on carbon fiber body panels, or skip over trying to be light and go straight to making your engine more buff?

HP to weight ratio is always talked about when trying to make your ride go faster, but what are the limits to this?

Jeremiah Burton looks at what happens when you get too light, and what happens to your car when you get too buff. Which one is faster?

Why Better Suspension is Faster than More Power

We all know you want to go fast. But have you ever thought that adding horsies might be the wrong move?

Jeremiah explores how modifying your suspension can get you moving faster than adding all the power in the world.

Mo’ powah baby? Not today!

Why Better Tires are Faster than More Power

Everyone wants more power, but there’s a lot you can do to your car before cranking up the boost or boring out cylinders.

Jeremiah talked about weight versus power and suspension versus power above, but there’s one thing that can get you more of a performance advantage than all of those. It’s the stuff that actually touches the ground: your wheel and tire setup.

So what makes a good wheel? What makes a good tire? And why the heck do they mix metric and imperial so much?!

This time around, Jeremiah comes to grips with mechanical grip.