Best Tire Repair Kit? Slime vs Westweld, Dynaplug, and Grand Pitstop

Tire Repair Kits
Which is the Best Tire Repair Kit?

Surprisingly, it’s no longer a legal requirement to carry a spare tire and jack in your car. If you’re driving a new car, you will likely already have a tire puncture repair kit in it instead of a spare tire.

We asked, and among our car enthusiast friends, we found that at least half that drive vintage vehicles are not prepared for that inevitable puncture or flat tire.

If you don’t have a spare tire in the trunk, you might think you need to call for roadside service, but there is another option: a tire repair kit.

These kits are lightweight, easy to store, and almost anyone can use them. Keeping equipment to fix a flat tire in the trunk in case of emergency is an excellent idea for anyone who drives regularly.

Which Is The Best Tire Repair Kit?

To find out, Project Farm tests several well-known tire repair kits from Slime, Westweld, Dynaplug, and Grand Pitstop.

Each tire repair kit is tested for ease of use during repair, resistance to air leaks, abrasion resistance, adhesive strength, and overall durability. Finally, 100 repairs are made to one tire and then used on a vehicle for 15 miles to see if the tire would hold up.

Products Tested In This Video

Products are listed in no particular order. More product details are below.

  • Slime T-Handle Tire Plug Kit
  • Westweld Professional Heavy Duty Flat Tire Repair Kit with Plug Probe & Needle
  • DynaPlug Tubeless Tire Repair Tool Kit
  • Grand Pitstop Tire Puncture Repair Kit with 15 Mushroom Plugs

Project Farm always purchases all of the products tested to ensure unbiased results.

Products Tested In This Video on Amazon

Tools and Supplies Used In This Video

  • Digital Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge
  • Westweld Adhesive
  • Valve Core Removal Tool